Pre Cooling


  • Ability to snap chill milk to 4°C within 3 minutes of leaving the cow.
  • Built in heat recovery producing hot water up to 60°C at 6 litres per minute.
  • Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.
  • Currently over 1 million litres of milk per day being pre-cooled by Glacier Plus units during peak milking season.
  • Totally independent from your vat refrigeration system.

Chilled Water

  • 12hp Danfoss (maneurop) 3-phase scroll type compressor
  • Heat recovery included
  • Can use off peak power outside milking time to chill water
  • Closed circuit chilled water utilising a manicon tank
  • Small footprint size 1650 x 900mm
  • Powder coated exterior for long wearing durability
  • Totally independent from your vat refrigeration system

Double Bank Plate Cooler 

  • A full range of models and sizes available to suit any size dairy shed.
  • All plates are made from 3A approved stainless steel and EPDM gaskets.
  • Spares readily available at a competitive price.
  • Free standing.
  • Easily cleaned using CIP or manual operation.
  • Galvanised floor mount bracket available.

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