Variable Speed Controls

Smart Air

SmartAir Variable Speed Vacuum Pump Control System - controls the vacuum level of your milking machine without the use of a conventional vacuum regulator. It compensates for vacuum use by increasing or decreasing the vacuum pump speed on demand.

Using a transducer mounted into the main airline a SmartAir VSD will monitor and adjust the vacuum, sensing every minute airflow change and compensating for this by altering the speed of the vacuum pump.

Easily programmable and able to be interrogated the SmartAir controller almost looks after itself. Proven over years of service and supported by ABB world wide technical support, it is without doubt the vacuum pump controller of choice.

A SmartAir variable speed controller will maintain your milking vacuum with absolute precision

A SmartAir variable speed controller will help reduce the cost of running your vacuum pump motor by up to 47%

No longer will your vacuum pump be operating continuously at full speed

6322 Milk Pump Controller


This controller has been developed specifically for use in the dairy industry. It controls the speed of your milk pump, to ensure the finest quality milk and the best possible performance from your plate cooler.

What sets it apart from the rest is its ability to integrate with other components like air injectors, cooler pumps and rotary automation kits. The ABB 6322 controller is a top-shelf product used exclusively by Waikato Milking Systems and supported by a world wide ABB technical network.

  • 6 speed for milk and wash modes, using only one float
  • Reliable switch not affected by froth
  • Reliable milk pump operation
  • Full electric-motor overload protection
  • Can be operated by remote control
  • Can control air injectors and other ancillary equipment
  • Can be installed on any milk pump
  • One model available for motors up to 2.2kW/3PH/400v
  • Stainless steel IP65 cabinet

V15 Milk Pump Controller

This controller provides solid performance and reliability

  • Powder coated IP65 enclosure ensures safe, dry conditions for electrical equipment
  • Variable speed control increases and decreases milk pump speed depending on flow into the receiver
  • Low cost, no frills option to milk pump control
  • Manual override switch
  • Switch between wash and milk mode
  • Simple and reliable ABB electronic equipment
  • Operates from a standard Waikato Milking Systems float
  • One model available for motors up to 1.5kW/3PH/400v

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