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Smart DTECT is the difference between hand stripping every cow in the herd or having the job done for you - automatically.

SmartD-TECT is an early mastitis warning system that, during the first 60 seconds of milking, measures the conductivity of individual quarters comparing one against the other. You can tune the sensitivity of the system and set a benchmark threshold. Animals recording conductivity levels outside this threshold will be flagged as possible mastitis problems. SmartD-TECT is a stand-alone product that alerts an operator by way of an LED indicator located at each bail. When the system is installed onto a rotary platform and connected to Waikato SmartECR's, it will in the event of an alert, communicate with the BailMate ram, keep the BailGate down and present the cow back to the operator for inspection.

SmartLINK and Protrack Vantage, an automatic drafting and data storage system

SmartLINK is a remote wireless interface and a new product from Waikato Milking Systems designed to connect SmartD-TECT to LIC's Protrack Vantage. Protrack Vantage responds to messages sent to it from each SmartD-TECT bail sensor. Combining this technology, cows identified by SmartD-TECT are automatically drafted to a holding pen for post milking inspection. Data received during milking is stored in the MINDA data base and can be retrieved for future use.

SmartD-Tect and Protrack Vantage linked via SmartLink wireless control network

SmartLINK is a new product from Waikato Milking Systems designed to connect SmartD-TECT to LIC Protrack Vantage. Using a remote wireless interface, Protrack responds to messages sent to it from individual SmartD-TECT bail sensors.

Connecting both systems in this way has significantly expanded the capabilities of each. SmartD-TECT will automatically find the animals with possible mastitis problems - those found to be above the pre-set threshold levels set by the farmer. Protrack will electronically identify and automatically draft these to a holding pen ready for physical inspection after milking.

Saving "Event Data" to Minda is another benefit previously not possible. SmartD-TECT can report on an individual cow basis or on a whole herd average depending on how the system is set-up.

Smart Puls

SmartPULS is a digital pulsation system designed to produce accurate results time and time again. New generation precision solenoids inside SmartPULS are smaller and have a greater life expectancy - now exceeding 200 million cycles.

Push-button digital circuit boards make SmartPULS easier to adjust. Rates and ratios are selectable over a wider range and include options for cows, goats and sheep.

Brass screw inserts improve the integrity of the body housing and reduce maintenance costs over the life of the product. Repairing or replacing key parts is easier and much faster than before.

A 16mm ID rear facing filtered air connection port is a standard feature on SmartPULS making installation of a filtered air system easier and faster.

SmartPULS has a Built-in "C" phase adjuster that allows more control over the "C" phase length. Customising the pulsation wave form to suit your herd can enhance milking performance.

Smart Spray

Automatic teat spraying designed specifically for rotaries.

Hand teat spraying is the most common method used in New Zealand and one of the most laborious jobs performed during milking.

Waikato Milking Systems have developed an automatic teat spray system suitable for use on rotary platforms that is positioned in every bail and activated by a signal from an electronic cup remover.

Normally when a set of cups is removed by an automatic cup remover they are simply parked in the bail. The advent of SmartECR's now permits the use of bail gates that are automatically raised so that cows can be released at the exit position.

With the integrated power of SmartECR's, when a cup remover activates it can also activate an automatic teat spray system.

Two spray nozzles carefully positioned in each bail cater for a wide variety of animal sizes. The Smart Controller allows you to program the spray duration and spray delay which means that all cows are sprayed with the right amount of teat spray at precisely the right time and soon after cluster removal.

Smart Wash


The method of cleaning milking machines is largely reliant on individuals charged with properly dispensing chemical and manually controlling the wash cycle. Apart from saving valuable time, automating this function makes good sense and establishes a consistent wash process whereby the finest quality product can be assured.

SmartWASH is an automated wash system with the flexibility to manage any wash scenario. SmartWASH controllers feature modern touch-screen displays that can be programmed to meet any wash requirement. The design brief called for a user friendly interface whereby the system could be changed to suit the operators needs easily and quickly. By working through a "step by step" menu on a large touch screen an operator can modify the wash programs almost infinitely.

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