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SmartD-TECT is a breakthrough in mastitis identification technology. 

No other system automatically tests each quarter individually during milking to accurately notify the operator of potential mastitis cases. 

The sensitivity can be tuned to suit any individual preference and the onset of mastitis identified up to four days before visual signs are evident. This gives you the ability to make decisions about your animals before they cost you productivity. The design is unobtrusive, milking time and yield is not affected and the technology can be retrofitted or installed into any conventional milking system. 

On rotary platforms, SmartECR (electronic cup remover) and SmartD-TECT integrate to control the BailMate ram. If SmartD-TECT identifies a problem, the cow is presented back to the operator for inspection - a perfect solution for a one-man operation. SmartD-TECT will link with LIC's Protrack Vantage to load results to the database and automatically draft problem cows for inspection. 


  • Integrates with any conventional milking system
  • Sensitivity easily adjusted 
  • Easy installation
  • Stand alone technology doesn't need external computer to run
  • Alarm outputs can control BailGates to retain cows for inspection
  • Alerts can be sent to LIC's Protrack Vantage via SmartLink


  • Proven early mastitis detection
  • Automatic operation
  • Detects any abnormalities between quarters
  • Integrates with SmartECRs
  • No disruption to normal milking routine

SmartLINK is the data gateway that links our products with your external herd management solutions and drafting controls.

When used with Waikato Milking Systems SmartD-TECT mastitis detection technology, SmartLINK sends the data collected to LIC's Protrack Vantage system. This allows your information to be consolidated and analysed seamlessly.

Using this technology allows both systems to integrate and share information. Drafting is automatic and cow management becomes much easier with the help of an audible alarm at cups on. Made specifically for rotary installation, SmartLINK is a must have if SmartD-TECT and Protrack Vantage are employed.


  • Robust design for dairy shed use
  • Remote wireless interface
  • High performance data gateway
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Secure management


  • Connects your data to LIC's Protrack
  • Saves event data to MINDA
  • Allows consolidation of data between systems
  • Analysing your data becomes seamless


SmartPULS is an exceptional digital pulsation system that opens and closes your liners consistently and dependably every milking - providing optimum milking performance.
Pulsation is the heart of your milking system that enables cows to be milked with the use of vacuum, and SmartPULS is the ultimate choice. 

The pulsation technology works in harmony with your cows for maximum milk quantity and quality. The system is designed to limit congestion and oedema in teat tissues during milking, reducing discomfort for the cows and reducing new mastitis infections. Four models are available, giving you lots of flexibility and choice. Each option can be customised. 


  • New generation compact precision solenoids exceed 200 million cycles
  • Push-button digital circuit boards for easier adjustment 
  • Brass screw inserts ensure strength of the body housing 
  • A 16mm ID rear facing filtered air connection port
  • 24 volt regulated power supply


  • Produces dependably accurate results
  • Maintains a high rate of milk flow from the teat within each pulsation cycle
  • Rates and ratios are selectable over a wider range and include options for cows, goats and sheep
  • Customised pulsation feature to suit your herd 

Smart Spray

SmartSPRAY is an innovative automatic teat spray system designed specifically for rotary dairies. 

SmartSPRAY replaces the need for manual teat spraying and teat dipping, while ensuring maximum coverage regardless of the cow's position in the bail. 

SmartSPRAY is signalled by the electronic cup remover to spray soon after the cups have been removed. This ensures the udder is sprayed while the teat orifice is still open and at its most vulnerable. No operator input is required during milking other than filling the tank with teat spray. The tank is mounted underneath the rotary. 

SmartSPRAY can be retrofitted to existing rotaries with an interface module that allows it to receive signals from any brand of electronic cup remover.


  • Bullets position cows legs for easy cluster attachment
  • Dual nozzle SmartSPRAY bullet at each bail
  • Adjusted from SmartCONTROL touch screen
  • Spray duration, delay and pressure can be adjusted to suit
  • Powerful compressed air pump system with pressure gauge
  • Precision, chemical resistant solenoid valves


  • Spray is automatically triggered by SmartECR once cow has finished milking 
  • Won't spray if a cow kicks cups off - will only spray once milking has been completed
  • Ideal for single operator rotary dairies
  • Uses less teat spray than other systems
  • Maximises spray success - spray occurs while teat orifice is open
  • Adjustable nozzles ensure optimum spray coverage
  • Sprays every cow, every time

Smart Wash


SmartWASH is a completely programmable automated wash system for your milking machine. 

With the versatility to manage any wash scenario, SmartWASH enables you to meet all current hygiene standards and regulations with confidence. 

Developed to provide total flexibility & constant reliability the SmartWASH Controller is the driving force behind the quality wash system. Its modern touch-screen offers a user-friendly interface. At the touch of a button SmartWASH can be changed to suit the operator's needs and control the cleaning regimes of your milking system. 


  • Easy to use touch screen
  • 3 high speed detergent pumps delivery up to 600ml/min
  • Compressed air operated valves
  • Temperature sensors included
  • Data logging capabilities
  • Detergent sensors available


  • Interlocks protect the system
  • Modern electronics
  • Easy to follow programming menus
  • User friendly touch screen
  • Ten wash regimes
  • Programmable day to day
  • Program acid, alkali or sanitiser washes

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