Waikato NT24

Waikato NT24 2+2 Electronic Pulsators - Waikato NT24 Electronic Pulsator, with its 24V operating system complements our existing world class range of pulsators, providing that extra bit of flexibility and ingenuity. 24V operating system for greater reliability and greater longevity.

  • Complies with International Standards 
  • Built-in non-return valves offering "worry-free" in-milking backwash options of pulse tubes and pulsators 
  • In-lid-mounted PCB for easier maintenance 
  • In-lid air filter for greater efficiency 
  • One pulsator operates two sets of clusters 
  • Multimount attachment - for pipe sizes from 50mm to 101mm 
  • Filtered air port for use with Waikato pulsator air filters 
  • Programmable Ripplephase option for smooth vacuum control 
  • Easily adjustable rates and ratios 
  • Low maintenance & Whisper-quiet operation 
  • Four Models Available: Model I (Independent); Model R (Ripplephase); Model SI (Single Shot I); Model SR (Single Shot R) 
  • All models available as Pre-Wired

Waikato LO2V - vacuum 2+2

Excellent milking efficiency with a 2+2 configuration. A robust and reliable pulsation system is at the heart of every Waikato milking system. The 2+2 configuration gives excellent milking efficiency, which evens out milk flow into the cluster and minimises vacuum fluctuations. This is a good choice when access to a reliable power source is an issue.


  • Vacuum operated
  • 2+2 configuration
  • Mounting options up to 100mm
  • Adjustable rate and ratios
  • 1 pulsator for 1 set of cups


  • No electronics
  • Shifts between the milk phase and rest phase quickly and consistently
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable


PulseGuard is a particle trap built as a screen to stop small stones and other material from getting into the heart of your milking machine - your pulsator. Specifically designed by Waikato Milking Systems, PulseGuard protects against costly downtime caused by the accidental transmission of foreign matter. Replacement screens are available.


  • Connects to twin tube close to pulsator
  • Easily removable filter for cleaning
  • Requires no special maintenance
  • Screen can be removed and cleaned


  • Protects pulsator from particle contamination
  • Stops small stones and other material from getting into your pulsators
  • Improves pulsator reliability
  • Fits most 2+2 pulsators in the market

Pulsation Filtered Air

Waikato Milking Systems Pulsation Filtered Air protects your pulsators from dust and airborne contamination. Highly recommended for all pulsation systems, each air filter is designed to be easily cleaned and work with up to 5 pulsators / 10 clusters at a time. Pulsation Filtered Air is designed to enhance the reliability of your system.


  • Available for all pulsation systems
  • Easy clean foam filters
  • 40mm mounting adapter
  • Flexible piping connections to each pulsator
  • Replaceable filter elements available


  • Protects machine against foreign matter
  • Maintains clean air to system
  • Enhances reliability of milking machine
  • Extends the service life of your milking machine
  • Waikato Milking Systems pulsators installed with Pulsation Filtered Air carry an extended pulsator warranty

Waikato MK2 Pulsator

With a simple yet reliable vacuum operated design, the Waikato MK2 pulsation system is robust and requires very little maintenance. Its 4+0 configuration ensures a consistent milking vacuum and is ideal for small milking systems and bucket milkers. Pulsation ratio can be easily adjusted to suit operator preferences.


  • Vacuum operated
  • 4+0 configuration
  • Mounting options up to 100mm
  • Adjustable ratio
  • 1 pulsator for 2 sets of cups


  • No electronics
  • Long service intervals
  • Ideal for small systems

Smart Puls

SmartPULS is an exceptional digital pulsation system that opens and closes your liners consistently and dependably every milking - providing optimum milking performance. Pulsation is the heart of your milking system that enables cows to be milked with the use of vacuum, and SmartPULS is the ultimate choice. The pulsation technology works in harmony with your cows for maximum milk quantity and quality. The system is designed to limit congestion and oedema in teat tissues during milking, reducing discomfort for the cows and reducing new mastitis infections. Four models are available, giving you lots of flexibility and choice. Each option can be customised.


  • New generation compact precision solenoids exceed 200 million cycles
  • Push-button digital circuit boards for easier adjustment
  • Brass screw inserts ensure strength of the body housing
  • A 16mm ID rear facing filtered air connection port
  • 24 volt regulated power supply


  • Produces dependably accurate results
  • Maintains a high rate of milk flow from the teat within each pulsation cycle
  • Rates and ratios are selectable over a wider range and include options for cows, goats and sheep
  • Customised pulsation feature to suit your herd

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