Waikato NT24

Waikato NT24 2+2 Electronic Pulsators - Waikato NT24 Electronic Pulsator, with its 24V operating system complements our existing world class range of pulsators, providing that extra bit of flexibility and ingenuity. 24V operating system for greater reliability and greater longevity.

  • Complies with International Standards 
  • Built-in non-return valves offering "worry-free" in-milking backwash options of pulse tubes and pulsators 
  • In-lid-mounted PCB for easier maintenance 
  • In-lid air filter for greater efficiency 
  • One pulsator operates two sets of clusters 
  • Multimount attachment - for pipe sizes from 50mm to 101mm 
  • Filtered air port for use with Waikato pulsator air filters 
  • Programmable Ripplephase option for smooth vacuum control 
  • Easily adjustable rates and ratios 
  • Low maintenance & Whisper-quiet operation 
  • Four Models Available: Model I (Independent); Model R (Ripplephase); Model SI (Single Shot I); Model SR (Single Shot R) 
  • All models available as Pre-Wired

Waikato LO2V - vacuum 2+2

New to the pulsation range is the Waikato LO2V vacuum operated 2+2 pulsator. Designed for the most severe operating condition the LO2V is robust, durable and able to sustain prolonged periods of use between servicing. Mounting options are available to suit some existing pulsation systems enabling quick and cost effective change over.

Model: LO2
Pulsation Type: Alternating 2+2
Rate: Adjustable from 50 to 180
Puls/min (factory set at 60 Puls/min at 50kPa and 20oC)
Milking Ratio: 50/50 - 60/40 - 65/35 - 70/30

Excellent milking and massage phases that guarantee fast, complete and uniform milking of each quarter whilst ensuring complete teat decongestion.

SUREMATCH® a synthetic space age material used to manufacture the valve is virtually indestructible and resistant to corrosion. The slide has self lubricating properties that ensure constant, reliable and long term performance. Thanks to SUREMATCH® and the innovative design of the WMS - 2+2 - LO2V , pulsation rate accuracy can be maintained even in critical conditions where high humidity, dust and sudden changes of temperature exist.

Pulse Guard

Waikato Milking Systems' PulseGuard technology can be used in conjunction with most pulsation systems.

When building a new project, or upgrading an existing dairy, insist on Waikato Milking Systems' PulseGuard protection. PulseGuard will protect all pulsators against costly downtime caused by the accidental transmission of foreign matter.

PulseGuard connects into the twin tube close to the pulsator. It has an easily removable filter for cleaning and requires no special maintenance.

  • PulseGuard will stop small stones and other material from getting into your pulsators
  • PulseGuard will improve pulsator reliability
  • PulseGuard screens can be removed and cleaned
  • PulseGuard fits most 2 + 2 pulsators in the market

Filtered Air

Installing filtered air protects your pulsation system and ensures peak pulsator performance.

In a critical part of the dairy where performance is paramount installing a Waikato Filtered Air system to protect your pulsators from dust and airborne contamination is something you shouldn't have to think too hard about. The smallest contaminant can change the pulsation wave form, effect milking and possibly animal health. For the best protection possible make sure you specify a Waikato Filtered Air system for your pulsators.

Waikato MK2 Pulsator

The MK2 automatic vacuum operated pulsator is a simple and reliable pulsation system providing ongoing service without expensive maintenance. The Waikato MK2 pulsator is designed to operate two sets of clusters in simultaneous 4+0mode, and with bayonet mounting, the MK2 pulsator is quick and easy to install.

  • 4+0 configuration
  • Mounting options up to 100mm
  • Adjustable rate and ratios
  • 1 Pulsator for 2 sets of cups
  • Unique silicone diaphragm and valve seat
  • Systems vacuum operated with simple rate and ratio adjustment
  • Model for goat milking available
  • Filtered air optional
  • Standard clamps designed to mount onto 50 mm SS pipe
  • Multimounts available for larger pulsator airlines

Smart Puls

SmartPULS is a digital pulsation system designed to produce accurate results time and time again. New generation precision solenoids inside SmartPULS are smaller and have a greater life expectancy - now exceeding 200 million cycles.

Push-button digital circuit boards make SmartPULS easier to adjust. Rates and ratios are selectable over a wider range and include options for cows, goats and sheep.

Brass screw inserts improve the integrity of the body housing and reduce maintenance costs over the life of the product. Repairing or replacing key parts is easier and much faster than before.

A 16mm ID rear facing filtered air connection port is a standard feature on SmartPULS making installation of a filtered air system easier and faster.

SmartPULS has a Built-in "C" phase adjuster that allows more control over the "C" phase length. Customising the pulsation wave form to suit your herd can enhance milking performance.

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