• A large range of liners to suit every application
  • Large or standard bore models available
  • Designed to fit 153mm long teat cups with 17mm holes

Quadrant Liners


A whole new approach to milking with a unique square barrel design.

The square barrel leaves a small channel open on collapse for constant vacuum supply. This ensures less cup slip and eliminates any extra mechanical pressure on the teats. With improved teat condition, milking is faster and more productive.


Air flow continues: Air is supplied to the vacuum chamber via the corner channels of the square liner barrel. The vacuum that is created grips the teat throughout pulsation phases and reduces cup slip.


Air flow reduces: The liner collapses closely around the teat which reduces air flow to the vacuum chamber. As a result, vacuum is low in the chamber and cups are more likely to slip.


  1. Improved teat condition
  2. Less cup slip
  3. Faster milking

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