Electronic Teat Cup Removers

Packed with features and designed to enhance the performance of any dairy, Waikato Milking Systems offer a range of superbly engineered electronic cup removers including SMART ECR, ULTIMATE and XTRA. Precision 75mm stainless steel or 80mm plastic rams provide features that guarantee satisfaction, product reliability and durability no matter which option you choose.

SMART Electronic Cup Remover

A SMART electronic cup remover is a sophisticated and versatile electronic cup remover. Designed primarily for rotary application, SMART ECR OFFERS value solutions to issues typically associated with rotary operation and usually resolved only with expensive high-end automation.

The processing power of a SMART ECR system allows you total control over such things as BailGate function, Cluster drop/lift, Kick off alert and maximum unit on time.

SMART ECR has standard features that include Milk sweep, Global wash mode, Global programming and Systems Diagnostics. SMART ECR is a CAN enabled product capable of integrating with other plug and play devices.
Totally programmable, totally flexible and so advanced, SMART ECR is definitely at the front of the pack.


  • 75mm stainless steel rams
  • Snap-on end caps
  • Pre and post milking delay - adjustable
  • Milk flow sensitivity - adjustable
  • BailGate operation - selectable and adjustable
  • Milk sweep - selectable and adjustable
  • Maximum unit on time - selectable and adjustable
  • Ezy Pull-down
  • Global programming
  • CAN enabled - plug and play
  • Systems diagnostics
  • Programmed from a laptop or Master Controller
  • Stainless steel rope guides
  • Nylon cords

SMART Electronic Cup Remover - Master Controller

SMART ECRs are controlled by a unique Master Controller. Not only does it enable an operator to change the operating mode of the system, it also plugs into a laptop computer enabling a technician to change the programming at the touch of a button or upload program revisions that come along from time to time.

The technology contained within a SMART ECR system provides a level of future proofing not previously thought possible. Individually, SMART ECR rams report back to the Master Controller on their status and the condition of their specific flow sensor making diagnosis of faults easy to detect and remedy. The plug and play nature of SMART ECR allows for integration with other products further expanding the capability of the system and keeping you up to date.

ULTIMATE Electronic Cup Remover

Designed to suit most dairies. This strong robust electronic cup remover forms the basis of two additional models. A powerful 75mm stainless steel ram provides the pulling power to manage any job with precision and reliability.

Easy to operate bail switched, one point control via a Master Controller and low maintenance Flow Sensors combine to make the ULTIMATE range the best in the business.

  • 75mm stainless steel ram
  • Snap-on end caps
  • Pre and post milking delay - adjustable
  • Milk flow sensitivity - adjustable
  • Soft Retract - adjustable ram retraction speed
  • Pre and post milking time delay setup
  • Stainless steel rope guides
  • Nylon cords

Ultimate Delay

The ULTIMATE Delay with Soft Retract, Ezy Pull-down and AutoStart has the same general specifi cations as its predecessors and is suitable for all installations. AutoStart has been added to this model, further enhancing its performance.

AutoStart has been designed to automatically apply vacuum to the cluster the moment you take hold of the claw. AutoStart allows one-handed operation, no switches, no buttons - simply take hold of the claw and apply. AutoStart will speed up the milking process and greatly ease the cupping burdon on an operator.

  • 75mm stainless steel ram
  • Snap-on end caps
  • Pre and post milking delay - adjustable
  • Milk fl ow sensitivity - adjustable
  • Soft Retract - adjustable ram retraction speed
  • Pre and post milking time delay setup
  • AutoStart
  • Ezy Pull-down
  • Stainless steel rope guides
  • Nylon cords

Auto Start

When it comes to operating your cup removers, AutoStart changes everything. Simply take hold of the cluster and apply the cups - no switches, no buttons, no fuss - a one-handed operation. AutoStart has revolutionised the application of cups, increasing milking speed and reducing operator fatigue.

With AutoStart, simply take hold of the cluster and apply the cups. The vacuum is automatically applied, the ram releases the cord and with Ezy Pull-down the whole operation is so easy youll wonder why it took so long to evolve. AutoStart is an investment in milking management you'll be pleased you added to your specification.

Bail Mate

BailMate - Controlling the animals on your rotary platform has never been easier. BailMate rams have been designed to operate with either ULTIMATE or SMART ECRs. Their purpose is to lower and raise a BailGate when the cup removers are activated.

Powerful 75mm vacuum or electronic rams are available to match the model of Waikato cup remover you have chosen. On Elite and New Zealand Wuantum rotary platforms BailGates are optional, however the platform bails are set-up at the time of manufacture to make the installation of both BailGates and BailMate rams quick and easy.

  • 75mm stainless steel ram
  • Snap-on end caps
  • Vacuum or electronic options available
  • Custom bracketing systems for Elite and New Zealand
  • Quantum rotary
  • Platforms
  • Low maintenance - long life product
  • Can be mounted in positions suitable to control most bail
  • gate styles
  • Stainless steel rope guides
  • Nylon cords

Xtra ECR

The XTRA product range consists of three models, XTRA, XTRA Delay and TTO (timed take off). Each is made from high quality engineering plastics and designed to operate in any environment. 80mm PVC rams provide the pulling power for the toughest job. Modestly priced, XTRA electronic cup removers and TTOs will provide years of trouble free service.

XTRA Delay Electronic Cup Removers have more features, offering greater benefits than ever before. Enjoy total control and more cow comfort. The XTRA Delay ensures the cups are not removed before the vacuum in the claw has dropped to atmosphere - an adjustable feature your cows will love you for.

Timed take Off- TTO

Specifically for rotary application, TTOs are different from traditional cup removers. They are controlled by time rather than milk flow. By setting the end point of milking to match the approach of a cow to the exit of a rotary platform, the cups will be removed regardless of the milking stage of the animal. We call it one point take off. The range of a TTO controller is between 3 1/2 minutes and 8 1/2 minutes and can be adjusted in 5 second increments. For those who dont want cows entering a second rotation, TTOs are the answer.

  • 80mm PVC rams
  • Robust surface mount electronics
  • Built in mounting system
  • Delay mode lowers cluster vacuum before take off (XTRA delay model only)
  • Low maintenance
  • Stainless steel bail switches
  • One point timed take off (TTO model only)
  • Global command from Master Controller
  • Stainless steel rope guides
  • Nylon cords
  • Bayonet style quick release end cups

Teat Cup Remover Vacuum Operated - TCR

Automatic teat cup removers (TCRs) are like having an extra pair of hands in the shed. The cup remover will accurately determine the end point of milking and remove the clusters safely and efficiently.

TCRs arevacuum operated and well proven over many years of use around the world. Easy to install and simple to maintain with few moving parts.

  • A cost effective solution to cup removal.
  • Simplicity, one touch operation.
  • Reliability proven over many years.
  • Vacuum operated.
  • Retrofittable onto any milking machine.
  • Powerful 80mm double purchase ram.
  • Can be semi or fully automatic with the addition of the re-set automator.
  • Easy to service.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Quick snap clip for cluster protection.
  • Spare cord and clip with each ram.

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