Cluster Washers

G2 Cluster Washer

G2 Cluster Washers provide a thorough cleaning of your milking system. With a strong one piece base moulding and three rubber cup sizes to choose from, G2 Cluster Washers combine strength with flexibility to form an integral part of an efficient cleaning system. Designed to maintain excellent plant hygiene G2 Cluster Washers are strong, robust and packed full of useful features.



  • Solid, high performance construction
  • Three different rubber cup sizes to choose from
  • Non-return valves control each nipple
  • One piece product made to fit 38mm or 50mm stainless steel pipe
  • Rotary mounting option available
  • Adjustable flow control valve for optimum flow adjustment


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for any cluster/liner combination
  • Easily accessible and instantly adjustable controls
  • Ability to place cups into each unit while the rest are still milking 

FC Cluster Washer


The FC Cluster Washer is an effective teat cup cleaning solution for the smaller dairy. Its construction has been kept deliberately simple to provide a durable and economical solution to your wash routine. It is quick and easy to use while delivering results. An adjustable flow rate and three cup size choices give you flexibility.


  • Two piece moulding
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Three cup options
  • Made to mount onto 50mm stainless steel pipe
  • 38mm and 40mm options available
  • Rotary mounting option available


  • Assures flexibility when setting up the wash system
  • Ideal for smaller milking systems
  • Tailored to suit most cups/liner combinations
  • Enables precise wash system tuning
  • Economical

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