Auto Wash

Aqua Storm

Milk tank wash controller

  • Automatic changeover of acid and alkaline chemical routines on a day or weekly basis
  • Inbuilt safety software locks that prevent the mixture of conflicting chemicals
  • Hot and cold water dosing on the basis of time or to electronically detected level
  • Recording and digital display of peak wash temperature
  • Keypad test feature that allows service personnel to check functionality of each switched device
  • Full data logging facility

The AquaStorm System provides:

  • 12 fully programmable output relays
  • Software that allows engineers to allocate the name or function to each relay
  • Both wash and rinse sequences
  • A rugged Rabbit ZWorld microprocessor that prevents 'brown-out' or micro hang up - very important in areas of the world where power supplies are unreliable

Milk Minder

The MilkMinder is a fully programmable electronic cooling and wash control system specifically designed for DX milk cooling tanks.

Efficient milk cooling and milk tank hygiene is vital to the quality and freshness of the dairy farmer's product.

  • Fully programmable cooling and wash control system. Virtually any farm milk cooling and storage requirement can be easily set up within the system.
  • The farm environment is often one of the toughest industrial electrical environments in which to work. MilkMinder uses a switch-mode power supply that can accommodate a wide voltage range and electrical fluctuations.
  • Featuring a rugged, modular construction, the MilkMinder is easy to install and simple to operate and service.
  • The MilkMinder has the world's first fully programmable milk tank wash

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