Air Injectors

Electronic Air Injector

A Waikato electronic air injector is the power behind the best slug wash systems.

Digitally controlled using only the best electronics and adjusted easily, this 24 volt air Injector fits any milking machine where a slug wash system is used. Cycle timing (on time) can be selected between 1 and 29 seconds. Air blast time can be adjusted between 1 and 10 by simply turning a bezel. This increases or decreases the volume of air entering the milking machine allowing infinite tuning of the wash system. The adjustment permits air entry from 1000 to 4500Lpm.

A "push fit" over a 32mm pipe connection reduces installation time. A Hush Kit available as an option and fits snugly over the injector to minimize any noise.

An adjustable electronic air injector ensures precise wash system set-up and a repeatable wash process every time.

  • Latest electronically controlled SMART software
  • Push-over mounting to fit onto 32mm stainless steel tube
  • Easily adjusted air flow
  • High turbulence for effective cleaning
  • 10 Individual settings
  • Adjustable electronic timing
  • Easy clean sponge filter
  • 12 and 24 volt power options
  • Low maintenance silicon diaphragms
  • Maximum capacity 4500 Lpm
  • Retrofits onto most milking systems
  • Alternating models available

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Hush Kits

bottom plate with a pipe port are included. The washable filter ensures you can control noise without restricting airflow.


  • Low-density filter element
  • Easily separated body and filter for adjustments
  • Replacement parts available


  • Reduces air injector noise without restricting airflow
  • Completely covers the entire air injector for maximum noise control
  • Easily installed
  • Easily maintained

A Hush Kit dampens the overpowering noise you get from your machine's air injectors.

Not only does this allow you to comply with noise regulations, it improves the environment of your dairy. The Hush Kit fits entirely over the electronic air injector reducing the noise to only a whisper. Made in a simple mould process, a top cover and a 

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