Centrus composite rotary platforms offer superior deck strength. They are about 80% lighter and 5x stronger than traditional concrete alternatives. 

The deck sections are formed in a multi layer laminated process that includes Kevlar, a material offering five times the strength of concrete. The result is a superior strength deck and a platform that is 80% lighter than traditional concrete alternatives - meaning overall reduced wear and tear and lower maintenance costs. The drive gear will last longer and the surface finish will remain steadfast for years to come. 

Made in a controlled environment Centrus composite rotary platforms integrate perfectly with a Waikato Milking System and incorporate a range of unique features. Integration is critical to the success of a rotary project; Centrus does this better than any other platform design. 

Every bracket and every detail has been carefully considered ensuring optimum performance. The steelwork is hot dip galvanised, considerably adding to the integrity of the product and greatly extending its life. 

Operator safety is well taken care of and for convenience a second operator console can be installed at cups off. Emergency stops can be activated from anywhere around the platform. Cow comfort is enhanced with the addition of specially formulated and replaceable rubber mats inserted into every bail. The mats are soft to stand on so they protect the cows’ hooves during milking and promote a quieter milking environment. 

 A professional and modern approach to platform engineering has produced a world class product and the biggest breakthrough in design for over two decades. 


  • Bolt together and modular 
  • 80% lighter than concrete 
  • 5 times stronger than concrete 
  • Rubber mat constructed into deck 
  • 2.7m wide deck
  • Precision manufactured in a controlled environment, ensuring optimal quality 


  • Less wear and tear on running gear 
  • Less wear on cow standing surface 
  • Wider deck allows for machine to be completely protected 
  • Smooth, easy care surface 
  • Impervious to milk and wash chemicals



Known for their strength and engineering integrity, Orbit platforms are well featured and designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with Waikato Milking Systems and accessories.

The design of an Orbit rotary platform provides operators with a clean, fast milking environment, cow flow on and off the platform is excellent and the milking equipment is easily accessible. The direction of platform rotation is selected at the time of sale. One operator control console is supplied with the platform that includes safety devices and protection equipment. SmartFit mounting systems make equipment installation quicker and maintenance easier. With 2.7m wide decks Orbit platforms also offer excellent protection for milking and electronic equipment.

Buying an Orbit rotary platform is an investment in solid, proven technology. The design enables installing an off the shelf Waikato Milking System without any further additions or alterations. This is an important consideration as adding to a completed platform can compromise the integrity of the finished product.

With a well-earned reputation for more than 25 years concrete rotary platforms have served the dairy industry well. Waikato Milking Systems Orbit rotary is a recognised leader and has proven over time to be the platform of choice for most New Zealand and many international customers.


  • 2.7m wide deck
  • 100mm deck thickness
  • Automation ready
  • Hot dipped galvanised bails
  • Automatic oiling system
  • High strength steel rollers
  • Large walkway in front of cows


  • Wide deck allows for machine to be completely protected
  • Deck ports allow for best cluster alignment on the market today

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