Waikato Supa 4 - Developed specifically as a midline swing-over milking system for herringbones, a Supa 4 can be installed quickly and efficiently due to its pre-fabricated and modular design. Designed for herd sizes on average of 500 cows, Swing-Over bail sizes average from 10 to 60 a side with Row change-over averaging every 9 minutes.

A Waikato Supa 4 in swing-over configuration can be custom built for larger dairies. Low line configurations can be built to order. A Waikato Supa 4 offers better vacuum control and faster milking. A 101mm (4) milkline ensures better milk flow and more stable vacuum. These factors are essential elements in the control and prevention of both mastitis and animal discomfort. Milkline vacuum as low as 44 kpa can be maintained while still achieving excellent milking speed.

A Waikato Supa 4 is a premier product, able to be built anywhere in the world to the same exacting standards. Modular design makes this machine truly universal. Its performance in the field continues to exceed customer expectations no matter where they are built.

With systems well established in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, Waikato Supa 4 has made its mark.


Loopline milking systems - make up a substantial part of our herringbone business offering choice to farmers wanting a Loopline system. Waikato Loopline milking systems typically have 75mm milk lines mounted on sturdy combination brackets that provides support for all the pipework required to complete a pit installation.

Modular in design and designed to be sent anywhere in the world, Waikato Loopline milking systems can be installed quickly and efficiently. Custom made receiver groups not only perform well but form an integral part of a wash system that makes this machine stand out from the rest.


Dollar for Dollar a Waikato Loopline milking system represents excellent value for money and is a sound investment.

As with each of our milking systems a large range of equipment options is available to compliment your machine choice. Pulsation systems - Automation product - Vacuum systems and much more.

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