Grant Hitchcock

Qubik installed the milking machine, water pumps, Refrigeration and Effluent

Key Technologies:

  • Vacuum pump 11kw Smartdrive VSD
  • Milkpump2.2kw Smartdrive VSD
  • Milk recovery 
  • Smart D-Tect Pulsation 
  • Smart Spray
  • Auto plant Wash
  • Wash Gland 
  • Auto Vat wash System 
  • 30kw Chilled water system 
  • 12HP DX Refrigeration unit 
  • Washdown pump 7.5kw VSD 
  • Mono Effluent pump 15kw
  • 2x Submersible stirrer 5.5kw
  • Automatic backing gate 

 Herd Size400 Cows 
 Dairy TypeOrbit Rotary 
 Plant Size54 Bail Rotary 

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